Friday, July 6, 2018

Visit & Interation : Ar. Brinda Somaya, Mumbai - 06/07/2018

Ar. Brinda Somaya visited our Institute on Friday, 06th July 2018. She had a brief tour of our college. She had an interactive session with the faculty after which she met the students and discussed various issues.

Brinda Somaya, Architect and Conservationist completed her Master of Arts degree from Smith College, USA after graduating from the Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. She believes that development and progress must proceed without straining the cultural and historic environment.

Her philosophy: the Architect’s role is that of guardian – his is the conscience of the built and un-built environment. This belief underlines her work at “Somaya and Kalappa Consultants”, the company she has headed for the last three decades.

Her oeuvre, spanning large corporate, industrial and institutional campuses extends to public spaces, which she has rebuilt and sometimes reinvented as pavements, parks and plazas as well as historic restoration and adaptive reuse.

Brinda is a Member of the Editorial Board for MARG Architectural Books, Member of the Committee of `Environmental Impact Assessment of New Construction Projects & New Industrial Estates for `Ministry of Environment & Forests’ Government of India and was a Member of Urban Heritage Conservation Committee and Mumbai’s Initiative for the Protection & Improvement of Streets & Public Spaces.. She was also on the IAWA board of Advisors (International Archive of Women in Architecture), U.S.A. & Founder Trustee of the Hecar Foundation.

She chaired a conference & organized a seminal exhibition in Mumbai on the Work of Women Architects with a focus on South Asia. Brinda has delivered analytical and critical talks as well as presented papers in India and abroad on her work – and other connected subjects. She has given lectures in the U.S.A, U.K., Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & India and her work has been exhibited in the USA, UK & Japan. She has served as an Examiner & Jury Member in India & Abroad.

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